Performance BIM Services

Helping Contractors, Manufacturers, and Designers Integrate BIM Workflow

We have been in your shoes – you are asked by your client to provide your content in a building model, or a potential customer has asked you for a Revit family. Your staff has a relative understanding of BIM, but there are simply no resources available to help you get started. Performance BIM is here to help you get started.

Our Process Is Simple

Modeling and Clash Detection

Services Sheet – ModelingIf you are a contractor who needs to integrate your submittals into a BIM model for clash detection, we review the design documents, discuss your current workflow and specific products, then take on the responsibility for ensuring the equipment is accurately represented per your contract requirements.  We can then provide training for you to eventually begin to bring this workflow in-house.

Download our information sheet for modeling here.

Theater Grid Coordination Rendering
Protech Shell Ceiling System Rendering

Family Development

If you are a manufacturer requiring Autodesk Revit® families of your products, we meet with you to determine your specific needs, and will construct the families for engineering and distribution purposes. Hosting opportunities are also available.

Download our information sheet for family development here.


If you are a designer or owner who needs modeling assistance, or need to visualize your new performance space or classroom, we can do that too.  Performance BIM can develop custom assets and environments to bring your room to life.

Download our information sheet for visualization services here.

Kids Theatre Classroom Rendering

Helping Contractors

BIM Model Coordination

BIM model coordination for construction projects is now commonplace. Performance BIM understands both the coordination process, and the peculiarities and coordination requirements of live performance facilities. Let us do your coordination modeling!

Conversion Services

Performance BIM provides free conversion services (subject to conditions) from Autodesk Revit® to many file types for your documentation needs. Reach out to us today to learn more!


Streamlining the documentation process, whether for coordination, submittal or fabrication, saves both time and money. Performance BIM can provide custom automation via tools directly into the Revit user interface, or Dynamo routines, to automate repetitive tasks.

Helping Manufacturers

Product Digital Assets

Performance BIM has developed family standards that allow you to distribute your product content at appropriate Levels of Detail (LOD), and specific to the needs of our industry designers. Work with a company that understands those needs!

Documentation Workflow

Do your clients require you to provide your documentation in BIM? We are here to help! Performance BIM can work with your existing workflow, whether it be AutoCAD®, Solidworks®, Inventor®, or other software and identify a workflow to bring that content into construction models efficiently and effectively.


No web site for distribution? No problem! Let Performance BIM host your digital content. Our Marketplace provides dedicated company pages for your content, and includes integration into product data sheets and descriptions.

Helping Designers

Custom Revit Families

Allow Performance BIM to develop custom families for your common applications, whether they be electrical / audio-visual infrastructure, common technology components, or simply custom components that are unavailable elsewhere.

Custom Tools

Autodesk Revit allows users and programmers to provide apps to automate common tasks. While there are hundreds of add-ins available, we can point you towards tested products, or provide custom tools specific to your workflow.

Standards Development

Transitioning to Revit can be daunting. Having a starting point and a series of templates tailored towards live performance facilities can help you begin the process of developing a Revit workflow. Performance BIM can provide a simple "seed" model as a starting point for your new projects and create Revit families customized to your company's graphics standards.

Other Services

Rendering and Visualization

Performance BIM can help you visualize your products or venue in a variety of ways. Whether you are interested in static renderings of your products in a concert hall, or a VR walkthrough of your new rehearsal hall, we have the presentation tools to support your vision.

Existing Building Scan and As-Builts

Need 2D or 3D CAD files for your theatre? Performance BIM can work with existing building drawings in any format, or partner with LIDAR scanning company to produce an accurate model of your building.


At our core, we are educators, and we want you to learn from our experience. Performance BIM has curated a series of existing online courses to assist in the basic understanding of Autodesk Revit®. From here, we can provide customized learning for you and your team to support your needs.

Let us help you organize your design

Your design process shouldn’t be beholden to the software – the software workflow should support the design.  We are here to provide tools so you can focus on what you do best.  Call or email today to see how we can help you streamline your processes.