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Audience Seating Automation for Autodesk Revit

What is Performance Seating?

Performance Seating is an Autodesk Revit application designed to automate the process of integrating audience seating for live performance and event spaces into a Revit model. The application contains seat families that are specifically design to work with the calculating parameters. The application includes options to vary both the types and relative quantities of seat sizes, the seat sort order to stagger seats between rows, and the ability to integrate location data for scheduling.

Features Include

Fixed, Portable, and Removable Seats

Multiple seat types and styles available based on multiple manufacturers.  Seats may be placed using fixed standards (including end standards), as 1, 2, or 3-ganged removable seats on sleds, or as portable seats.

Multiple Seat Sizes

The standard generic seats provide 19″ – 24″ seat sizes in 1″ increments to provide proper staggers and fill rows.  However, sizes may be user customized for the application in imperial or metric.

Automated Seat Numbering

Seats and rows are automatically numbered using 1 of 4 seat numbering schemes, and 1 of 3 row numbering schemes.  In addition, seats are placed in section groups to allow for easy scheduling and seat counts.

Multiple Calculation and Layout Options

Performance Seating provides more than simply an array function.  The application provides multiple algorithms to determine the percentage of each size of seat, how the seats should be ordered in the row, and whether rows should use an even/odd stagger or a mirrored layout stagger.  In addition, seats are placed on a specific reference plane or aligned to an adjacent floor surface.

Interested in Being a Beta Tester?

Performance Seating is in its final testing stages.  For interest in testing, or to get updates on release, contact us at the link below.

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